TS-Toolbox at AIT

Quick start

There is a lot of tools in the toolbox. Each of this tools has (well, should have) a web site and a mercurial source code repository.

There is also a maven2 repository containing binary, documentation and source code artifacts.
To use the maven2 artifacts of version 4.0.6 and below insert the following into your pom.xml:

            <name>TS-ToolBox at AIT repository</name>
            <name>TS-ToolBox snapshots at AIT repository</name>

The web site of each tool has more detailed instructions about needed artifacts.

To use the artifacts starting with 4.0.7 download the following pom file public_parent/pom.xml to a directory and install it using "mvn install". This file contains the necessary settings to work with TSPAPI artifacts.

If the TS-Toolbox is new for you start with reading the web site of TS-API-Core. There are links to background information like the idea behind the toolbox.

TimeSeries toolbox

ToolProject siteSource code repository
The core API and some basic implementations
TS-API-Core mercurial

SUDPLAN extensions

Specifications of the implemented SUDPLAN OGC services are also available.

If you want to build your own SOS service you need to read "SUDPLAN specific OGC services - backend spec -SOS".
The example SOS Server project as well as simple command line clients are available for download from examples.

ToolProject siteSource code repository
SUDPLAN specific extensions
SUDPLAN mercurial
Local Linz Model
Examples consuming the SUDPLAN services
Java-bindings for many ogc schemas, needed by SUDPLAN
Generic SWE service implementations (SOS, SPS)


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